Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Private Parties in Pawleys Island

How to throw a private party without cooking or cleaning? Whether it a bridal shower, reception, family reunion, birthday party,  or whatever ... take your show on the road - and let a Bove Restaurant & Grill do the work for you.
The key to successful restaurant entertaining is creativity and daily specials. While many restaurants have dedicated party spaces - we have a private room.  Many others will work with you to create a "party space" where one doesn't usually exist. A restaurant that is only open for dinner may be able to entertain a party at lunch.  Or, if you are willing to make it worth our restaurant's while, we may be open to letting you take over the majority of the facility - this is easier to accomplish on the slower nights at the beginning of a week than on Friday or Saturday.

Give us a call and we will discuss the details!

The Staff at Bove